About Us: Import and Wholesale Distribution

Potomac Selections, Inc. was founded in 2003 with the express purpose of bringing the best of small production, family run wine estates from Europe and beyond to our market in the mid-Atlantic region, encompassing Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia. Over the years we have honed our sensibilities with the passing of each harvest, paying close attention to changes and advancements in viticulture, oenology, and the wine market generally. While conditions continually change, we remain steadfast in our commitment to dutifully represent the hard work and artistry of our winery and wholesale distribution partners. In addition to our direct winery relationships in the US and EU, we are proud to exclusively distribute wines from Brazos Imports (South America), John Given Wines (Italy), Haw River Wine Man (Italy), José Pastor Selections (Spain)Rosenthal Wine Merchant (EU), Think Global Wines (Spain), and Vom Boden (Germany)

  • Please check back as we work to develop a complete listing of all of our wonderful winery partners. 

Our Mission: A Humble Philosophy of Wine

Since its inception Potomac Selections, Inc. has been guided by the same central conviction that wine is humankind's greatest artistic expression; one to be searched after and shared. That wine itself is an almost alchemic human achievement, taking from the shifting seasons the fruits of viticultural labor, condensing that which is most vital, and trapping time in a bottle: this is our inspiration. We prize our professional duty to explore, procure, and distribute the very best of our world's wine offerings to our retail and restaurant partners in the Mid-Atlantic region. We humbly encourage you to explore our discoveries and enjoy all that we have to offer.